iSEE Organizations

iSEE organizations provide the following services: 

Outreach Programs

iSEE organizations bring innovative and educational programs into schools, linking our educators and scientists with classroom teachers and students. Assemblies and hands-on classroom experiences inspire students to learn about the wonders of science. 


Field Trip Programs

iSEE organizations offer unique educational opportunities at each facility including live animals, museum specimens, interactive environments, and multimedia programs.


Teacher Professional Development

iSEE organizations provide teacher workshops that include current science content, practical teaching techniques, and materials. 


Teacher Resources

iSEE organizations provide critically needed activities, equipment, and specimens for classroom use. These educational tools allow teachers to transform their classrooms into exciting learning laboratories. 

Organization Grade Reached in Outreach Program and Topics Teacher Resources Offered
Clark Planetarium 6th - Astronomy

- Sun and Moon Phase Kits

- Kinesthetic Astronomy Kits

Discovery Gateway

Kindergarten - Potential Energy

5th - Reaction Time

- Online lesson plans

HawkWatch International 9-12 - Biology  
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

2nd - Animals of the Rainforest

4th - Utah Waters Van

6th - Exploring Ecosystems

Natural History Museum of Utah

4th - Rocks and Minerals

- Fossils

- Adaptations

- Archaeology

- ResearchQuest an online investigation program

- Teaching Toolboxes

Ogden Nature Center 1st - Creature Features

- Botany Bins

- Science equipment for classroom use

Thanksgiving Point 

3rd - Tulips Journey North

8th - Curiosity in the Classroom

- Chick Embryology

- Teaching kits

The Leonardo

7th & 8th

- Waves

- Energy 

- Forces and Motion

Red Butte Garden 1st - Grow Lab Programs - Botany Bins
Utah Hogle Zoo 2nd - Habitat Investigations

- Classroom Activities

- Teaching Kits

- Distance Learning Classes

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